Hume Lake Winter Camp ‘19

We’re going back to Hume Lake! Check out the promo video below.

Middle School camp

February 1-3

High School camp

February 22-24

What to expect?

Snow. Boxsled Blitz. Monster Tube Run. Broom Hockey. Great music. Preachers that make sense. Friendships that last a lifetime. Truth that lasts forever. You can find the weekend schedule, camp theme, activities, and speaker information on Hume’s website.


What to bring?

Bible, notebook, pencil, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, warm and cool clothes, jacket, hat, gloves, boots, and spending money (Hume gives a recommendation of $50, but this is not a requirement, only a recommendation).

REMEMBER MODESTY! Girls, no bare midriffs, yoga pants or spaghetti straps. Guys, no sagging pants.

What not to Bring?

Drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor), alcohol, tobacco, fireworks, firearms, electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc). Cell phones can be used during the car rides, but can not be used once we arrive at camp. Plus, WIFI is only available for counselors and not to students.

Map to Hume

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.52.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.53.55 PM.png


The cost is $250 per student. There is a mandatory deposit of $62.50, or 25% of the full payment. We have a limited number of spots, so be sure to submit a deposit or communicate with Nick about your interest in joining us for winter camp. Click on the registration online button below to make the deposit. **A student’s spot is not secured until they have submitted their deposit.