Fall Discipleship Groups Schedule

For the discipleship class, men will be meeting in the Library and women will be meeting in Classroom 2. Everyone participating in the group will need to purchase Greg Oden’s book, Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple: Eight Sessions for Mentoring and Discipleship.

Date Session

9/11 Introduction: What Does Jesus Expect of His Followers? C1: Jesus: Who Does He Think He Is?

9/18 C2 Become Disciples: What’s the Difference Between Disciples and Christians?

9/25 C3 Go: Reach All The People

10/2 C4 Baptize: Enter the Circle Dance of Love

10/9 C5 Teach: Fall in Line Behind Jesus

10/16 C6 Make Disciples: Jesus’ Relational Way

10/23 C7 Transformation: Get Real and Find Freedom

10/30 C8 The Jesus Promise: I am With You Always; Closing Challenge: Are You Ready To Be “All In”?